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Paulina Goto continues singer-songwriter Caztro’s love story in “Quedito”

By Monica Rubalcava

Mexico City, Mar 25 (efe-epa).- In the most recent musical project by Monterrey singer-songwriter Caztro, Paulina Goto is the face of heartbreak and indifference. The Mexican singer selected the actress as the star of the love story he tells in his songs and together they now have turned out “Quedito.”

“When we did ‘Quedito,’ I said, ‘I want to fall in love with Paulina’s four videos,'” Caztro told EFE, confessing that he’s one of her big fans.

In January, Caztro presented “Ya no queda nada,” the fourth chapter of what is the most elaborate and conceptual project that’s he’s worked on to date.

Dressed as an astronaut and singing a song of heartbreak, the 22-year-old Caztro laid the basis for a tragic story of love in four episodes.

“‘Quedito’ is chapter two in this story,” he said, adding that this is the climax of the relationship of the couple about which he speaks in his singles.

Caztro and Paulina, who is also a singer, became friends on the social networks and met up face to face recently. Both recalled the fun way in which they got to know each other in person for the first time, after speaking on several Zoom calls to prepare the song.

“We got to know each other in person on the day of recording the video and in the first scene we recorded we had to be cuddling like sardines in bed. It was weird,” Paulina said laughing, while Caztro admitted that he was a little nervous about it, since there was a film crew of 10 people watching.

“Quedito” is a moving number, full of rhythm, in which the singer presents a song that breaks with the two earlier themes making up the musical love story.

“The first one was a little more electronic, then a ballad, and this one has more Latin mood and sound. Each chapter are the different proposals I want to give people,” said Caztro.

The project demonstrates the maturity and growth the singer has experienced in music in the almost three years since his professional debut in the industry.

“I turned 20 a few months before I devoted myself to this,” Caztro said, having since October 2020 given himself the freedom to experiment and create a more personal identity for his image and musical voice.

“I wanted to do ‘the world of Caztro.’ As an artist you look for an identity, I wanted to put in a koala, I wanted to be an astronaut and we were bringing those crazy ideas down to earth,” Caztro said.

Goto is in a very similar situation, with a more unique voice now and secure in herself within the musical environment, as well as enjoying a solid career with, for instance, her recent work in “Madre solo hay dos,” on Netflix.

“I feel like today I have the opportunity to say what I want and what I’m feeling via my music. The truth is that at the start of my career I didn’t have this opportunity because I was discovering who I was at that time of my life. As a person and as an artist I feel good, I’m sure of who I am and what I want,” she said.


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