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Penélope Cruz on her latest comedy role: My character has no filter

Venice, Italy, Sep 4 (EFE).- Penélope Cruz changes things up with her portrayal of a rather unorthodox movie director in the new comedy Competencia Oficial, which entered the Venice Film Festival competition Saturday.

The movie from Argentine duo Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, which also stars Antonio Banderas and Óscar Martínez, allowed Cruz to take on one of her most eccentric roles to date.

“It’s been very fun because by giving me this character, I was able to spend several months inside the head of someone who has no type of filter, who doesn’t care what others think about her,” she said.

‘She’s not the happiest person, nor the friendliest. I don’t even think she’s a nice person, but it was great fun to be able to get under her skin.”

The plot begins when a multimillionaire businessman (José Luis Gómez), in search of transcendence and social prestige, decides to make a film about his legacy and, for this, he hires the best: the famous filmmaker Lola Cuevas (Cruz), the Hollywood actor Félix Rivero ( Banderas) and radical theater actor Iván Torres (Martínez).

What follows is a series of increasingly devilish challenges.

Despite the subtle nods to real stories involving the movie’s protagonists, Banderas insists his character is nothing like him.

He told Efe: “For me actors are very vulnerable beings who use all sorts of tools to survive. The movie is a metaphor for life in general, the jungle in which we all find ourselves, journalists, too, and politicians, I won’t even go there.”EFE


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