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Peru Prosecutor’s Office raids 18 lawmakers’ offices, ex-PM’s house

Lima, Mar 24 (EFE) .- The home of the former prime minister of Peru, Betssy Chavez, and the offices of 18 congressmen were raided on Friday in the operation of a special team of prosecutors and the police over alleged links to the failed coup by former President Pedro Castillo, as well as corruption charges.

Local broadcasters showed footage of members of the Special Team of Prosecutors entering 41 buildings located in the regions of Lima, Lambayeque, Ucayali, Pasco, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cajamarca and La Libertad.

Chavez’s lawyer, Erwin Siccha, told the media that she is “extremely calm” because her procedural behavior has been “impeccable” so far, as he underlined that she has cooperated with the investigations from day one.

“We have provided evidence and presented arguments” in favor of Chavez, her lawyer said outside the home raided in the Lima district of Magdalena.

The Peruvian Congress voted Wednesday to suspend Chavez as a lawmaker and charged her for rebellion and conspiracy over her alleged participation in the failed coup by the former president on Dec.7.

The legislators, on the other hand, were being investigated for allegedly supporting the Castillo government in exchange for political favors or perks, earning them the nickname “Los Niños.”

Congressman Edwin Martinez, of the opposition Popular Action party, told local radio station RPP on Friday night after the raid on his home in Arequipa that he had no ties with “this supposed corrupt group” and had nothing to fear.

Prosecutors entered the offices of the implicated congressmen on Friday with the help of the National Police, after having obtained permission from the Congress, according to a statement by the legislative body. EFE


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