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Pet Shop Boys close out Latin America tour with high-energy Bogotá show

Bogotá, Dec 10 (EFE).- British synth-pop duo duo Pet Shop Boys closed out their Latin America tour on Saturday in Bogotá, performing all their hits to a high-energy Colombian crowd.

First up, Minyo Cumbiero gave the audience with an energy boost with a combination of Colombian and Japanese folklore at the Movistar Arena.

Then the backdrop screen displayed the flag of Ukraine and the stage was decorated with two light poles, on which there was only a synthesizer and a microphone.

The lights went out, Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant took the stage, gray lines took over the screen, and with “Suburbia,” the audience began to sing and jump.

The pair continued with “Can You Forgive Her?” and “Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You),” which set the mood.

After performing “So Hard,” the lights went out and the duo left the stage to return just a few moments later to a completely renovated set, joined by two percussionists and a keyboardist to play “Left to My Own Devices.”

“Thank you Bogotá, it’s good to be here again,” said Tennant.

The energy peaked and never dropped, the audience singing loudly to hit “Always On My Mind,” the moment of the concert when the most mobile phones were hoisted up to record the moment.

High spirits and dancing continued when the British duo and their band performed “Go West” and “It’s a Sin” back to back.

Then they took a brief break to return and say goodbye with “West End Girls” and “Being Boring” to the loud applause of fans who did not want the party to end and who claimed that synth-pop is still alive and kicking. EFE


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