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Philippine lawmaker sues ex-President Duterte over death threats

Manila, Oct 24 (EFE).- A Philippine congresswoman filed a complaint Tuesday against former President Rodrigo Duterte for “serious threats” against her life during a television interview given by the former president this month.

France Castro of the House of Representatives, filed a complaint before a court in Quezon City, saying Duterte’s threats “represent a danger to my life, my freedom and my safety.”

The legislator’s complaint comes after an interview Duterte gave to the SMNI channel on Oct. 10, in which the former Philippine head of state mentioned Castro’s name while boasting about “wanting to kill the communists” and the politicians he links to the ideology.

Senator and former National Police head Bato dela Rosa, an ally of Duterte and one of the minds behind the war on drugs during his term, defended the former president, arguing that the former president did not want to threaten anyone, using these terms in a “figurative sense.”

Both Duterte and Dela Rosa are being investigated by the International Criminal Court for possible crimes against humanity due to the war on drugs they waged during the mandate, which claimed the lives of about 30,000 people according to several sources and NGOs EFE


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