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Philippines accuses Chinese ship captain that sank fishing boat of homicide

Manila, Jul 6 (efe-epa).- The Philippines filed criminal charges on Monday for homicide against the high command of the Chinese ship MV Vienna Wood, nine days after the collision with a Philippine fishing boat with 14 people on board, who are still missing in the waters. disputed South China Sea.

The Philippine Coast Guard will end this Tuesday the search of the 12 fishermen and 2 passengers who were on board the FV Liberty boat, of which there is no trace since last June 27 when the accident off the coast of Mindoro occurred, in the western Philippines.

Coast Guard spokesman Armand Balilo reported that charges have been filed with the Mindoro Provincial Prosecutor’s Office for reckless manslaughter, multiple manslaughter, and property damage against the officers of the Vienna Wood, Hong Kong’s flagship with all Chinese crew.

The defendants are the capital and the three officers, who go by the names of Zhang Weiwei, Shin Bin, Yi Lei, and Yang Xileng.

Coast Guard and emergency team personnel are named as witnesses in the lawsuit, who said the Chinese ship’s crew took more than three hours to alert the incident.

Not having found the bodies of the 14 disappeared, Balilo explained that the courts can only declare the presumption of death so that the prosecution can prosper.

The Coast Guard believes that the fourteen Filipinos were trapped under the hull of the capsized and capsized ship in the Cape Calavite area at a depth of 2,000 meters, when rescue divers can only dive 100 meters.

The Vienna Wood had left the Philippine port of Subic, in the northwest Philippines, and was sailing to Australia when it collided with the fishing boat in the early morning of June 27; while Liberty had left its base on the southern island of Tawi-Tawi in the direction of the port of Navotas, on the island of Luzon, north of Manila.

In June last year, another Chinese ship sank a boat in Philippine waters and left 22 Philippine fishermen adrift some 300 kilometers from Reed Atoll, an area of ??the disputed South China Sea that belongs to the Philippines – ownership ratified by a 2016 ruling of the Hague Court of Arbitration – but which Beijing also claims.

A Vietnamese ship rescued the 22 Filipinos after the collision, in an event that caused great outrage in the Philippines, where President Rodrigo Duterte, who has not spoken about this latest accident, played down the issue. EFE-EPA


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