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Picasso’s Guernica arrives in Tokyo on giant screen, 8K definition

Tokyo, Aug 16 (EFE).- Pablo Picasso’s iconic Guernica went on display in Tokyo Tuesday via an ultra-high resolution screen as part of an innovative project by the Japanese network NHK and NTT InterCommunication.

The Guernica Arrived exhibition allows visitors to contemplate the painting’s enormous dimensions and admire its details in 8K definition broadcasting on a 325-inch monitor at Tokyo’s NTT InterCommunication Center.

The state broadcaster NHK uses this ultra-high resolution technology to record cultural assets and artwork for future generations.

Picasso painted Guernica, the main attraction of Madrid’s Reina Sofia modern art museum, in 1937 following the Spanish Civil War bombing of the Basque town of the same name.

“We must ask ourselves what ‘Guernica’ evokes 85 years after the tragedy of that bombing,” art historian and Waseda University professor Yasujiro Otaka said.

“Reflecting on its meaning is an urgent task, as we re-enter an era of war,” he added at the opening of the exhibition, which runs till August 28. EFE


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