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Police arrest suspected serial killer of homeless victims in US

Miami, Dec 23 (EFE).- The Miami police Thursday said they arrested a suspected serial killer who brutally attacked homeless people in two incidents, killing one and seriously wounding another, earlier this week in the coastal metropolis of the United States.

Interim Police Chief Manuel Morales identified the arrested suspect as 25-year-old Willy Suarez Maceo, who is also being probed for the horrific murder of another homeless person back on Oct.16.

Morales said they connected the first two attacks on Tuesday afternoon when a witness flagged reported to a patrolling officer about a man lying on the ground bleeding profusely from his head.

Police rushed the homeless victim with a gunshot wound on the head to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where he is in critical condition.

Two hours later, another victim, again a homeless person, was found dead from a gunshot wound in Miami.

“The investigation … quickly connected the two incidents not only because of the short span of time between the two shootings but also because both incidents involved the victims who were homeless,” Morales added.

“Both crimes were quickly matched by ballistics experts,” who identified the same pistol caliber used in the two attacks.

The police officer said the investigators scoured the area for physical and electronic evidence and found a surveillance video of a black vehicle that had driven up to one of the victims, who was lying down on the ground and shooting at him several times before he fled.

He said they identified the vehicle, its tag, and the person of interest.

Morales said the suspect had a firearm that matched the caliber used in both crimes.

When the suspect was brought to the station, officers noticed that he resembled one wanted for the murder of a homeless person on Oct.16.

“A homeless victim was horrifically murdered in the Miami Avenue,” Morales said.

He said Maceo would be charged with murder and attempted murder for the crimes he committed on Tuesday. EFE


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