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Popular immersive Van Gogh exposition comes to Brazil

Sao Paulo, Mar 16 (EFE).- After a successful tour through Europe and the United States, the fever for sensory and immersive experiences has now arrived in Brazil with an exposition that offers a journey through the works of iconic post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh.

The “Beyond Van Gogh” exposition covers more than 2,000 square meters (20,560 square feet) and will open its doors to the public in Sao Paulo on Thursday with an invitation to “feel” the more than 300 works of art produced by the Dutch genius thanks to a sensory and digital show that combines an assortment of lights, artworks, colors, music and shapes.

“It’s a new way to experience the art and the culture as never before,” since “all this technology creates that sensation of emotions and feelings,” cultural producer Andres Naftali said on Wednesday at a press conference.

Despite having a short career and life, Van Gogh (1853-1890) immortalized in his colorful canvas paintings the infinite misfortunes and disappointments that beset him in trying to get his career as an artist under way, although after his death his art – underappreciated during his life – transformed him into one of the world’s main post-Impressionist icons.

Now, visitors have the chance to get inside Van Gogh’s magic world and examine works like “The Potato Eaters,” his many paintings of sunflowers, “Cafe Terrace at Night,” “The Bedroom in Arles” and “The Yellow House,” among many others.

In addition, exposition-goers can immerse themselves in “The Starry Night” and glimpse a bit of what at one time was the view from the painter’s room during his stay in an insane asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France, where he voluntarily checked himself in after a mental breakdown and produced some of the best-known works of his career.

Immersed in the changing images that fill the exposition hall, accompanied by a soundtrack and live musical and theatrical performances, visitors will also see the smoke curling from Van Gogh’s pipe in his paintings and view the curious and haunting self-portraits that the painter created.

In the blink of an eye, an immense field of sunflowers transforms into the welcoming cafe in a bucolic French town. A few moments later, a peaceful Dutch landscape is replaced by a night filled with brilliant and fiery stars.

Seconds later, the light shifts, the colors change and the figures take on other forms, a cycle that repeats every 35 minutes.

“Beyond Van Gogh,” which will be open until July 3 at the Morumbi trade center in Sao Paulo, is now in Brazil after a wildly popular tour through various cities in Europe and the US, and it promises to enjoy the same success in Latin America as it makes its way through other countries in the region.



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