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Popular kabuki actor arrested for allegedly assisting mother’s suicide

Tokyo, Jun 27 (EFE).- Japanese kabuki theater actor Ennosuke Ichikawa was arrested Tuesday after being discharged from hospital, accused of allegedly assisting in the death of his mother in a case of multiple suicide in which he allegedly also attempted take his own life.

Ichikawa, 47, whose birth name is Takahiko Kinoshi, was found unconscious by an attendant, along with his parents, on May 18 at his family home in Tokyo.

Authorities said his mother, 75, died at home, while the death of his father, also a kabuki actor Danshiro Ichikawa, 76, was certified in a hospital.

Both were found lying down and covered by a futon, the traditional Japanese mattress, and toxicological analyzes show they died from intoxication of drugs ingested in hours prior, as reported Tuesday by Japanese public channel NHK.

Ennosuke allegedly told police that the three agreed to take their own lives and ingested sleeping pills.

The actor was detained Tuesday on suspicion of assisting in the suicide of his mother, while the indictment concerning his father could have been postponed as a tool to lengthen the detention period, a device commonly used by Japanese police as they continue with investigations.

The septuagenarian couple was found in a room on the first floor of the house, while Ennosuke was found unconscious in a basement closet. An apparent suicide note written by the actor was found at the home.

The artist was questioned on several occasions since the incident and police continued the investigation after finding unusual clues, such as the discarded medication wrappers.

Ichikawa, the fourth of his name in the artistic family, assumed this stage name in 2012. His popularity increased in recent years due to his versatility of roles and his participation in television series and films, as well as striking works such as the kabuki adaptation of the hit manga “One Piece,” in which he starred in the role of Luffy.

The incident, which occurred on the eve of the start of the last G7 summit in Hiroshima, made headlines in the country for days and led to the cancellation of premieres and performances.

The shocking event took place coinciding with the publication of an article in a magazine about the alleged participation of the actor in acts of sexual abuse and power in the theater industry. EFE


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