Portugal’s president formalizes the dismissal of the Costa government

Lisbon, Dec 7 (EFE). – The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, signed on Thursday the decree that formalizes the resignation of the Prime Minister, Socialist António Costa.

Costa will remain in office until the formation of the new government, which will be decided after the elections on March 10.

The document states that “due to the resignation of the Prime Minister, the President of the Republic, in accordance with the Constitution, today decreed the dissolution of the government, which will take effect tomorrow, December 8”.

The text adds that until the future executive takes office, the acting government will guarantee, in accordance with the Magna Carta, “the exercise of the acts strictly necessary to ensure public administration”.

Costa resigned on November 7 after the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced an investigation against him for alleged irregularities in lithium and hydrogen deals.

A few days later, Rebelo de Sousa announced the dissolution of parliament, effective January 15, and the holding of early elections on March 10.

Before signing the presidential decree, Costa participated with Rebelo de Sousa in the presentation of a revised and expanded edition of the book “Portugal Amordaçado” by Mário Soares, former prime minister (1976-1978 and 1983-1985) and Portuguese president (1986-1996), who died in 2017.

Speaking to journalists at the entrance of the event, Costa said “Let’s wait for justice to fulfill its mission, and when it does, we will see. At that moment we will see if there is still time for politics,” said the socialist.

On Thursday, the Costa government held its last council of ministers, in which it approved measures to launch the high-speed train and investments in Lisbon airport. EFE


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