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Prado Museum hosts exhibition on Ibero-American art

Madrid, Oct 4 (EFE).- Madrid’s Prado museum “Return Journey. Art of the Americas in Spain” exhibition sheds light on the artistic flow between Spain and Latin America.

The show displays over 100 works of art that have been housed in Spanish cultural and religious institutions for centuries brought to Spain following the conquest of Latin America.

 “The main idea of the exhibition is to tell the Spanish public a story that it ignores: that the artistic traffic is not one-directional as we have been told, but that it is made up of a two-way flow,” the Prado director, Miguel Falomir, said.

“They are works that arrived in viceregal times, especially in the Modern Age,” Rafael Lopez Guzmán, the exhibition curator, told Efe.

“Little by little they have lost the history of their story: why they arrived, what were their functions or their origin,” he added.

The exhibition, which will run until 13 February, comprises of four areas in which 107 pieces are displayed, 26 of which have been restored for the occasion.

It showcases the Latin American geography, devotional items, art pieces from private civil trousseau to ecclesiastical and the exchange between cultural elements, according to the curator.

It is a story about the American viceroyalties’ culture, emphasizing “their iconographic and symbolic values”, in addition to those that the host societies gave them, he added. EFE


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