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Protesters defy curfew over shooting of black man in Minneapolis

Washington DC, Apr 12 (EFE).- Hundreds of protesters defied the curfew imposed by the governor of Minnesota to protest Monday night against the police shooting a young African-American Duante Wright over the weekend.

Protesters gathered in front of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, the Minneapolis suburb where the incident occurred.

Clashes erupted between the protesters and riot police officials after the 7 pm curfew.

Several stores in the area were also looted and arrests were made, according to local media reports.

Some of the shops that were not looted were defended by armed civilians.

On Sunday, during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, a white police official “accidentally” shot 20-year-old Wright, local police chief, Tim Gannon, said at a press conference Monday.

According to Gannon, the female police official wanted to use a Taser but mistakenly drew her firearm instead, killing Wright.

He said that the police had originally stopped the vehicle because it did not have its papers in order, asking Wright for his identification and then informed him that they had a pending arrest warrant for him, whereupon they tried to arrest him. It was at that moment that the man broke free from the officers, got back into his vehicle and was shot.

The incident revived tensions in Minneapolis, which has been on tenterhooks over the ongoing trial there of white former police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of African American George Floyd, an incident recorded on multiple videos last year that sparked historic protests against police brutality and racism. EFE


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