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Protesters gather at detention center, ask Biden to keep his promises

Miami, Apr 19 (EFE).- About 30 demonstrators gathered on Monday outside a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in South Florida to call for an end to abuses and the release of all detained migrants and for the Joe Biden administration to fulfill its promises regarding immigration.

Carrying signs with messages such as “No Hate, No Fear,” the protesters spoke with reporters before setting out in a procession of vehicles to drive around in the vicinity of the center, located in the city of Plantation, north of Miami.

“We don’t want to continue with the immigration policy of the (Donald) Trump era. We’re demanding that the Biden administration keep its promises on the immigration issue,” spokespeople for the demonstrators said.

President Joe Biden, who has not yet been in office for 100 days, has not been able to change all the measures implemented during the Republican Trump presidency to halt immigration and asylum requests.

The former president and his supporters criticize Biden for what he has managed to alter, but pro-immigrant organizations have criticized him for not dismantling everything Trump put in place.

On Monday, GOP lawmakers Maria Elvira Salazar and Mario Diaz-Balart said in Miami that the “irresponsible policy” of the federal government on the border with Mexico is making Biden into a “de facto partner” of the drug, weapons and people trafficking cartels.

The Plantation demonstration was called by United We Dream, Immigrant Action Alliance, Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Family Action Network Movement (FANM) as part of the “Eyes on ICE” campaign to present the testimonials of detained victims regarding the “cruelty, corruption and suffering” they endured in US custody.

Since May 2020, when Trump was still in office, there has been a linear increase in the arrivals of immigrants and asylum requests along the border with Mexico, a trend that has notably increased since Biden arrived in the White House due to the perception among potential migrants that it would be easier to enter the US with a Democrat in power.

Last March, the number of migrants and people requesting asylum who crossed the border into the US exceeded 172,000, the biggest monthly total in 20 years – 71 percent over February’s arrivals and five times more than during the same month in 2020.


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