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Protestors denounce rising prices, oppression in Rabat

Rabat, Dec 4 (EFE) – Thousands of people took to the streets in Morocco’s capital on Sunday to protest soaring inflation, repression and police oppression.

The march was called by the Moroccan Social Front, an alliance of several left-wing parties, various trade unions and human rights organizations including the Democratic Confederation of Labor and Moroccan Association for Human Rights.

The rally lasted around two hours and toured the streets of downtown Rabat from the gates of the medina to the Alawites Square via Morocco’s parliament building.

Under the slogan “Against rising prices, oppression and poverty,” the different organizations have denounced the deterioration of social services, health, education and transport services in the north African country, as well as “the repression of democratic freedoms ” and “political arrests.”

“This country is corrupt!”, “What a shame, we are starving and your children are studying abroad!”, “What a shame about Morocco, homes in toilets, deaths on boats and a governed government” and “fictitious trials to lovers of freedom” were just some of the slogans chanted at the protest, which ended peacefully.

Banners raised by the protesters called for the resignation of Moroccan prime minister, Aziz Ajanuch.

This is the first major protest in months in Morocco as the nation grapples with soaring inflation that reached 7.1% in October. Food and transportation stood at 10% and 12%, respectively, in the first eight months of 2022. EFE


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