Protests held in Bolivia against Colombia police brutality

La Paz, May 7 (EFE).- Dozens of people held a demonstration near the Colombian embassy in La Paz to demand an end to the alleged brutal repression of protesters in Colombia, resisting a controversial fiscal reform by President Ivan Duque.

Activists and some Colombian residents had organized the demonstration, blending music with harsh slogans against the Duque government.

The protesters marched to the embassy complex in the Calacoto neighborhood, accompanied by a group of drummers.

“Down with Duque. No to repression,” and “Long live the rebellion,” read some of the banners carried by the demonstrators.

When the march reached the embassy gates, a group of Bolivian riot police came out to guard the complex.

David Guillermo Caicedo, a protester from Bogotá, who has lived in Bolivia for more than five years, told EFE that they decided to demonstrate “in a peaceful and artistic way, raising their voices against the abuses in Colombia.”

He wondered how could the Colombian government impose new “tax reforms that will further impoverish the people amid the pandemic.”

He said the armed forces must stop killing people and join the protesters instead of supporting “the corrupt, lying and mafia political class that kills their own people.”

Colombia has seen a wave of protests since Apr.28 against the reforms.

At least 24 people have died in clashes between police and against anti-government demonstrators, an official count said.

But nonprofit Temblores indicate that 37 people have died.

The Colombian president has called politicians across the spectrum for dialog to find a solution. EFE


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