PSG, the 182 million-euro lung of the Parisian economy

By Antonio Torres del Cerro

Paris, Jun 11 (EFE).- A decade after the purchase of Paris Saint-Germain by Qatari investors, the club of Neymar and Mbappé has become an economic lung for the capital and its surrounding region, breathing a 182.2 million euros impact into the economy in the 2018-19 season, and helping create 2,150 jobs, according to a new study.

PSG has cemented its place in the European football elite, but its economic contribution is also remarkable, says the Centre of Sport Law and Economy of Limoges study, carried out at the request of the club.

During the 2018-19 season, the Parisian club contributed to creating 2,150 full-time jobs, 670 of which were directly employed by PSG, which also has professional women’s football, handball and judo teams.

The remaining 1,480 indirect jobs come from more than 800 companies working with the club.

Every time PSG or its handball team play away from home, the stadiums they visit increase their crowds, benefitting other clubs as well, according to the study’s author Cristophe Lepetit.

The 182.2 million euros the Parisian club brought to the table in 2018-19 is significant but still falls well short of the 300 million impact of the French Open, which attracts attention from tennis fans all over the world.

Events organized by PSG itself make up 145.8 of those 182.2 million euros, whilst 36.4 million come from secondary knock-on effects, indirectly caused by the events.

The Parisian authorities celebrated the report, as this month the city’s Hôtel de Ville is hosting an exhibition celebrating the club’s 50 year anniversary.

“There is a true economy developing around the club not only with men’s football, but also women’s, handball, and judo. It is a growing club, which takes on many sport disciplines and creates wealth,” said the city’s sports councilor Pierre Rabada, a former rugby player.

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