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Putin declares end of US-led ‘unipolar’ era

Moscow, Jun 17 (EFE).- Russian president Vladimir Putin Friday said the era of a United States-led unipolar world had come to an end despite the West’s attempts to preserve it “by all means.”

“When they won the Cold War, the US declared themselves God’s own representatives on earth, people who have no responsibilities – only interests,” Putin said in his speech at the plenary meeting of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, as cited by the Tass news agency.

“They have declared those interests sacred. Now it’s one-way traffic, which makes the world unstable,” he added.

The Kremlin leader said that the US was trying to preserve its power over the world “by all means” while ignoring changes that he said were a “natural course of history.”

“The West is trying to stop the flow of history,” he said, adding that it was ignoring changes in the world.

“The US is ostensibly unaware that over the past decades new powerful centers have emerged around the globe and their voice is heard ever louder,” he added.

Putin, 69, claimed Western sanctions against Moscow over its war in Ukraine had failed to crush the Russian economy and that they were a “double-edged sword” that inflicted damage on the West’s own economy.

He purported during his speech that the EU would lose $400bn as a result of sanctions. EFE


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