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Putin grants honorary title to brigade that operated in Bucha

Moscow, Apr 18 (EFE).- Russia’s president Vladimir Putin on Monday granted the honorary title of Guard to the military’s 64th Guards Detached Motor Rifle Brigade, accused by Ukraine of massacring civilians in the city of Bucha.

“For its heroism and courage for the strength and merits shown by the brigade in combat to defend the Homeland and the interests of the State in conditions of armed conflict, I decree (…) assign the honorary title of Guard to the 64th Guards Detached Motor Rifle Brigade,” a presidential decree said.

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from northern Kyiv, Ukrainian authorities denounced a massacre of civilians in Bucha, where several hundred bodies were found, some of whom were handcuffed.

The Ukrainian military intelligence released on its website the personal data of 1,600 Russian soldiers belonging to that brigade, whom Kyiv has blamed for the alleged massacre.

The Kremlin rejected the accusations as false, and demanded that Western leaders not rush into making “gratuitous accusations”. EFE


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