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Putin says Europe has no alternatives to Russia’s gas for now

Moscow, Apr 14 (EFE).- President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said Europe does not have alternatives to the Russian gas supply at the moment, accusing the European Union of destabilizing the market with its proposals for a full oil and gas embargo on the Eurasian country.

“The so-called partners from unfriendly countries admit that they cannot do without energy resources, including natural gas. There is simply no reasonable replacement for Europe now,” Putin said during a meeting on the energy situation.

Putin, however, admitted that replacing the Russian supply is “possible, but now it is missing” and that everyone understands that there are no free gas volumes available for Europe to acquire as an alternative.

“Supplies from other countries, primarily the United States, that can be sent to Europe will cost consumers much more and will affect the standard of living of people and the competitiveness of the European economy,” he stressed.

The Russian leader added European countries are “constantly talking about refusing Russian supplies, which further destabilizes the market and they themselves, with their own hands, inflate prices, mainly for their citizens.”

Attempts by Western countries to drive Russian suppliers out of the market and replace their energy resources with alternative supplies “will inevitably affect the entire world economy,” according to Putin.

He pointed out the consequences could be “very painful, especially for those who support this policy.”

“Russian energy companies are responsible participants in the world market, with more than a decade of work,” he continued.

Last month, Putin demanded all unfriendly countries, including all EU member states, to pay in rubles for Russian gas.

“Banks from those same unfriendly countries delay payment transfers,” he said, without giving a reason.

Putin said he believes the West is trying to “cover up its own miscalculations with its green transition agenda and by blaming everything on Russia.”

The EU now is even ready to “abandon its green agenda and return to betting on energies with a high carbon footprint,” he added.

In light of these circumstances, Russia must “diversify exports,” Putin said.

“We are starting from assuming that energy supplies in the western direction will decrease in the near future. That is why it is important to step by step reorient our export to the markets of the south and the east, which grow rapidly.”

He also considered it necessary to guarantee the stable supply of energy resources in the internal market.

“In conditions when external markets are contracting, it is important to increase supplies to Russian consumers,” he said. EFE


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