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Putin says nuclear-capable Sarmat missiles to be rolled out

Moscow, Feb 23 (EFE).- Russia’s president Vladimir Putin on Thursday said Russia would deploy its new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are capable of delivering nuclear warheads, as well as hypersonic missiles as he marked the Defender of the Fatherland public holiday.

Putin’s remarks coincided with the eve of the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and came just days after he suspended the country’s participation in the last remaining nuclear arms reduction treaty with the United States.

The country would continue to pay “special attention to its nuclear triad,” Putin said in reference to Russia’s nuclear capabilities from land, sea and air.

“This year the first launch facilities for the Sarmat missile systems with the new heavy missile come into operational guard,” the president said.

The super heavy Sarmat missiles, nicknamed Satan II by Western governments, have a strike distance of 18,000 kilometers and can deliver several warheads including thermonuclear devices and multiple reentry rockets.

Putin also announced the addition of the Emperor Alexander III nuclear submarine into the naval arsenal.

“In the coming years the fleet will receive three submarines of this type,” he added EFE


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