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Putin says Russia managed to stop civil war during Wagner mutiny

Moscow, Jun 27 (EFE).- Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia’s military assets and law enforcement agencies managed to stop a civil war during the armed rebellion of mercenary group Wagner that lasted for 24 hours.

“You have protected the constitutional order, the lives, the security and freedom of our citizens. You saved our homeland from turmoil, and actually stopped civil war,” Putin addressed the personnel at an event in Kremlin’s Cathedrals Square.

At the square, he met law enforcement and defense representatives who participated in the “anti-terrorist” operation over the weekend.

Putin said that the security forces “stood in the way of disorder, which would have inevitably led to chaos.”

“In a dramatic situation you acted clearly and coherently, proved your loyalty to the people of Russia and the military oath and displayed responsibility for the fate of the Motherland and its future,” the leader proclaimed.

He also highlighted that the personnel ensured that the control centers, strategic facilities and the security of border areas remained intact and the rear of the armed forces and combat units was protected, as they “continued to fight heroically at the frontline.”

“We did not have to relocate combat units from the special operation zone,” Putin stressed.

The president also recalled the death of several pilots during the rebellion, saying “they did not waver and fulfilled the order and their military duty with honor,” and called for a minute of silence in their memory.

He said that the decisiveness and courage of the security forces along with the consolidation of Russian society played a huge role in stabilizing the situation, as people involved in the revolt saw that the military and people were not on their side.

Putin said that “rapid and precise” placement of the units prevented an “extremely dangerous situation” from developing in the country and prevented civilian casualties.

In his third speech over the mutiny since Saturday, the leader thanked all the personnel of the armed forces, law enforcement and intelligence for their service, courage and valor as well as their “loyalty to the Russian people.” EFE


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