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Putin stresses importance of Russian unity

Moscow, Jun 12 (EFE).- The invasion of Ukraine means it is more important now than ever that Russians remain united, president Vladimir Putin said on Sunday.

Speaking at an awards ceremony at the Kremlin on Russia Day, a “holiday dedicated to our country, full of pride in its history and faith in its future,” Putin said: “today we are especially aware of how important it is for the country, for our society, for the people to be united.”

The Russian president also praised Peter the Great – the 18th century Russian tsar who helped turn Russia into a major European power through a number of military victories – whom Putin compared himself to earlier this week.

He “achieved fundamental changes in almost all spheres of life, mainly in government, in economic development, in the creation of a powerful and invincible army and navy”, Putin said.

He believes that under Peter, who ruled the country for 43 years (1682-1725), “great progress was also made in education, enlightenment, health care, and culture”.

“There are still disputes about Peter, but it is impossible not to admit it: it was under this ruler that Russia emerged as a great strong world power,” Putin said. EFE


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