Putin will announce his candidacy when presidential election date is known

Moscow, Sep 11 (EFE).- Russian President Vladimir Putin will not announce his candidacy for re-election until the date of presidential elections in 2024 is established, the Kremlin said Monday.

“When the election date is announced, the deadline for submitting nominations will be known. That will be the deadline,” Dmitry Peskov, presidential spokesman, told the “Izvestia” daily.

Peskov recalled that Putin has repeatedly assured that “what is important for him is the support of the people and the possibility to do more for them,” he added.

“The head of state has already demonstrated on many occasions that his resources are far from being extinguished. His ideas find support in society, among regional political forces and others,” he said.

Russia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) announced that in the upcoming presidential elections, tens of millions of Russians will be able to vote electronically, a fraudulent instrument, according to the extra-parliamentary opposition.

Although the Russian president has not openly said he intends to run, CEC chairwoman Ella Pamfilova suggested in early August that Putin will indeed run for re-election.

Following the controversial reform of the Constitution in 2020, Putin could remain in the Kremlin for another two presidential terms of six years each until 2036.

The Kremlin declared today that the results of the regional and local elections show Russian society’s “absolute support” for the president.

Peskov thus commented on the landslide victory of the Kremlin’s United Russia party in local and regional elections considered a farce by the liberal opposition and the West.

The spokesman assured that the Kremlin has yet to begin preparations for the March 2024 election.

“But if we assume that the president will run, it is clear that at the present stage, no one can compete (with him),” he stressed.

In mid-August, the Russian judiciary ordered the arrest of the head of the country’s primary independent election observer, Golos, to prevent him from auditing the 2024 presidential election. EFE


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