Pyongyang criticizes UN Security Council military satellite meeting

Seoul, June 4 (EFE).- North Korea criticized Sunday the United Nations Security Council meeting about its recent failed launch of a military satellite and accused the organization of manifesting an “unfair and tendentious” attitude.

In a statement published Sunday by the state news agency KCNA, the influential sister of the North Korean leader and deputy department head of the Central Committee of the national single party, Kim Yo-jong, said she expressed her dissatisfaction with the session. She added that Pyongyang would continue to exercise its rights as a sovereign state, including in space.

Kim said there are more than 5,000 satellites of various kinds orbiting Earth and that even the private sector has joined the space development. Despite this, the Security Council is “continuously taking discriminatory measures,” questioning only North Korea’s launches despite being “a full member of the UN.”

The security council has held more than 9,000 official meetings since it was established, “but this time it convened a session to question the right of a sovereign state to space development,” nothing to do with aggression, which Kim sees as “an insult and a gross distortion” of the agency’s mission.

Kim accused the UN Security Council of “trying to unilaterally deprive (North Korea) of its sovereignty and right to existence and development” without taking into account the change in the security situation around the Korean Peninsula and “blindly following” the “unfair” sanctions imposed on the country for 17 years.

“This is a very dangerous act that can cause a serious imbalance of power in the region and structural damage to peace and stability,” said Kim.

North Korea launched a rocket Wednesday to put its first reconnaissance satellite into orbit, but a technical failure in the engines caused the device’s detachment process to fail and it crashed into the Yellow Sea, west of the Korean peninsula.

The North Korean regime has said it will try again soon.

The security council held an urgent meeting Friday in the wake of the launch, which is seen by some in the international community as a covert test of ballistic technology, since a rocket is essentially a missile.

As has been the case for months, the agency showed signs of internal division, as Russia and China have been refusing to impose additional sanctions on the North Korean regime. EFE


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