Pyongyang kicks off decisive Workers’ Party meeting

Seoul, Dec 28 (EFE).- The North Korean Workers’ Party on Monday opened a decisive end-of-year plenary meeting, which could be used to draw up its foreign policy for the next year, state media reported.

The start of the plenary meeting of the current Central Committee of the Workers’ Party held in Pyongyang was chaired by leader Kim Jong-un, KCNA reported on Tuesday.

The plenary seeks to “review the implementation of main Party and state policies for the year 2021 and discuss and decide on the strategic and tactical policies and practical tasks” for the future, according to the brief note.

Hundreds of officials, including permanent and alternate members of the Central Committee, delegates from ministries, provincial and local governments were present at the meeting, photos released by KCNA showed.

During the opening session, “the plenary meeting approved the agenda items and went into the discussion of them,” added the article, without further detail.

In addition to foreign policy, analysts consider that among those issues to be discussed are the economy, as the country experiences serious problems due to international sanctions, and its strict border closures motivated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As usual, the regime did not previously indicate what the exact start date of the plenary session would be and it has not specified what its duration will be.

Previously, such meetings of the single party have lasted between one and four days.

At the end of 2019, after the failure of the Hanoi denuclearization summit, Kim presided over a four-day plenary session in which he announced the development of new weapons and accused the United States of maintaining a hostile attitude.

The meeting called for the end of this year has once again attracted attention after Kim rejected Washington’s invitations to resume dialog on disarmament, stalled since Hanoi, arguing that the US maintains its “hostile policy.” EFE


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