Pyongyang notifies Tokyo of satellite launch timeframe

Tokyo, Nov 21 (EFE).- North Korea on Tuesday notified Japan of its plans to launch a rocket with a space satellite on board between Nov. 22-30, following Pyongyang’s two failed attempts this year to launch the spy satellite into orbit.

Pyongyang sent the Japanese Coast Guard a notification designating three maritime areas where there is a risk of debris falling – two east of the Korean Peninsula and another east of the Philippine island of Luzon.

The Japanese government will work with the United States and South Korea to urge Pyongyang to abandon its plans, according to the public broadcaster NHK.

Pyongyang already tried to put its first spy satellite into orbit in May and August, but both attempts failed due to problems with the Chollima-1 space rocket. The regime announced that it would try again in October, although it has not met that deadline.

South Korea has indicated in recent days that the North was finalizing its preparations for a new launch, and warned that it would take “necessary measures” if it did so.

It is believed that the summit held in September between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin served to cement an agreement to cooperate and trade in the military and aerospace field.

Seoul and Washington believe that North Korea has recently made deliveries of artillery rounds to Russia for use in Ukraine and that Pyongyang may be receiving technological support and advice for this new launch in return.

The sanctions imposed on the regime by the United Nations Security Council – of which Russia is a permanent member – prohibit these exchanges and also the launch of space rockets by Pyongyang, considering that it is the covert use of technology for intercontinental ballistic missiles. EFE


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