Pyongyang says it has retested its radioactive tsunami drone

Seoul, Apr 8 (EFE).- North Korea announced Saturday that it has retested its nuclear submarine drone capable of generating radioactive tsunamis, and stated it has verified the reliability of the system and its “deadly” attack capacity.

Pyongyang tested its weapon named “Haeil-2” (Tsunami-2 in Korean) between Tuesday and Friday, North Korean state agency KCNA reported Saturday, in a new weapons test that coincides with the great military maneuvers that Seoul and Washington carry out these days on the Korean peninsula.

This is the third test announced by Kim Jong-un’s regime since it reported for the first time on Mar. 24 the existence of this new type of weapon, which he called “Haeil-1” in those previous tests.

The drone was launched from a port in the northeastern province of South Hamyong, traced an “oval figure-eight” trajectory for 71 hours “simulating a distance of 1,000 kilometers” in the Sea of Japan and detonated a dummy warhead in the target area, according to KCNA.

As a result of the test, “the reliability and lethal attack capability of the strategic underwater system were perfectly verified,” the North Korean state agency said.

This new weapon system “is essential to deter the evolution of various enemy military actions, eliminating threats and defending (North Korea), and will become the superior military potential of our armed forces,” KCNA added.

The state agency also released photos of the test, which show a device similar to a torpedo moving underwater and an underwater explosion.

The test comes after Seoul reported yesterday that Pyongyang did not respond to regular phone calls made through civilian and military lines of communication, and as South Korea and the United States conduct joint military exercises. In recent days, they included anti-submarine tests and the deployment of B-52 strategic bombers.

North Korea unveiled its first test with the new submarine nuclear system on Mar. 24, and on the 28th announced a new test with it to verify its “reliability and safety.”

Some experts have questioned whether Pyongyang could already have such a weapon in operational condition, which would be capable of generating a radioactive tsunami to hit enemy fleets and ports. EFE


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