Pyongyang seeks to ‘perfect’ its war preparation, intensify maneuvers

Seoul, Feb 7 (EFE).- North Korea has convened a meeting of its sole party’s military commission, chaired by leader Kim Jong-un, to address the expansion of its military maneuvers in search of “perfecting” its preparedness for war.

Among issues discussed was that of “constantly expanding and intensifying the operation and combat drills of the KPA to cope with the prevailing situation and more strictly perfecting the preparedness for war,” the North Korean state news agency KCNA reported Tuesday about the meeting, held on Monday night.

Attended by figures such as Marshal Ri Pyong-chol, a key figure in the North Korean missile program, and Ri Yong-gil, former defense minister, the main military and political tasks for 2023 and the future orientation of the country’s military were discussed at the meeting “in depth,” according to the agency.

Reference was also made to the improvement of machinery and military affairs, without further details.

Kim expressed his expectations that the country’s military “perform ever-victorious feats in strenuously upholding and vigorously carrying out with the matchless military strength the party’s enormous tasks for further consolidating the historic victories won by the Korean people.”

His attendance at the meeting marks his return to public activities after a hiatus of about 40 days.

The meeting took place a few days before Wednesday’s commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the North Korean army, for which it is believed that the regime could be preparing a military parade. The regime usually uses these occasions as a showcase for its weapons.

Pyongyang celebrated the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Korean People’s Army in 2018 with a military parade, while the last exhibition event of its kind was on Apr. 25, to commemorate 90 years of the foundation of the national military forces. EFE


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