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Pyongyang tells G7 its nuclear state status is undeniable

Seoul, Apr 21 (EFE).- North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui said Friday that the condition of his country as a nuclear State is “undeniable” as well as “final and irreversible” in response to a joint statement published following the recent G7 Foreign Affairs meeting.

Choe responded to the document published Tuesday after the meeting in Karuizawa, Japan in which Pyongyang was urged to abandon its weapons program and stated that “North Korea cannot and will never obtain the nuclear-weapon State status under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.”

“The position of (North Korea) as a nuclear weapon state will remain an undeniable reality and it doesn’t matter if the United States and the West don’t recognize it for a hundred or a thousand years,” Choe wrote in an editorial published by North Korean state news agency KCNA.

Choe said the G7 is “a handful of selfish countries that do not represent the international community and that serves as a political tool to ensure US hegemony,” adding that “it is anachronistic to think that the right and the capacity to carry out a nuclear attack is exclusive to Washington.”

The North Korean foreign minister said the development of a nuclear program in North Korea “constitutes a fair exercise of its sovereignty to deter the threat posed by the unstable security environment caused by the reckless and provocative military maneuvers of the US and its allies.”

Since Seoul and Washington began their spring exercises in March with the presence of US strategic assets such as aircraft carriers or bombers, Pyongyang has responded with a dozen weapons tests, including the launch of its most sophisticated intercontinental ballistic missile to date held on Apr. 13.

“The US must take into account that its security can only be guaranteed when it completely eliminates its hostile policy towards (North Korea),” said Choe, adding that her country’s status as a “world-class nuclear power is final and irreversible.” EFE


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