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Pyongyang threatens response to Seoul, Washington maneuvers

Seoul, Feb 17 (EFE).- North Korea said Friday it would carry out “unprecedented forceful and persistent response actions” if South Korea and the United States carry out planned military maneuvers in the spring.

In a text published Friday by the KCNA news agency, a spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry made the threat in response to the plan by Seoul and Washington to carry out their “Freedom Shield” joint military exercises in March.

The official warned of these actions “should the US and South Korea carry out their planned plan of military exercises, that (North Korea), with just apprehension and reason, considers preparations for a war of aggression.”

North Korea carried out a record number of missile launches last year, about 50, in many cases in response to joint maneuvers by Seoul and Washington and the deployment of strategic Pentagon assets on the peninsula.

The South Korean Defense Ministry said Friday that the theoretical simulation exercise, which contemplates a nuclear attack by North Korea and which the US and South Korea had agreed to carry out this month, will take place on Feb. 22nd in Washington.

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