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Qatar slams int’l inaction on Gaza conflict, calls for probe into Israeli ‘crimes’

Cairo, Dec 5 (EFE).- Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad al Thani on Tuesday lashed out at international community for its lack of action on the Gaza conflict and called for an international investigation into what he called “brutal crimes” committed by Israeli forces in the Palestinian enclave.

Speaking at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit in the Qatari capital, Doha, al Thani alleged that Israeli forces have violated “all political, ethical, and humanitarian values” during the conflict between Israel and Hamas – the Islamist group that governs Gaza – that began on Oct. 7.

“It is a disgrace on the international community to allow this heinous crime to continue for more than two months, where systematic and purposeful killing against innocent unarmed civilians continues, including women and children. Entire families and households were wiped out of the civil register,” he said.

Thani criticized the international community for “turning its back” on Palestinian children, accusing it of adopting “double standards.”

“The massacre perpetrated by Israeli occupation forces against Gaza and Gazans deepens the sentiments of an injustice and absence of international legitimacy. This has become a trend which means the international legitimacy is one of the victims to this barbaric war,” he added.

Thani condemned the killing of “civilians of all ethnicities, nationalities, and religions” in the ongoing war, emphasizing the need for the protection of civilians under international humanitarian law.

“We call on the United Nations to initiate an international investigation into the massacre and the crime committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people,” he stressed.

The Qatari leader insisted that the conflict in Gaza was not a “religious or a war on terror” but a struggle between occupation and the Palestinian people.

“The solution lies in ending occupation. The Palestinian cause cannot be sidelined,” he added.

He said that the “the illegal settlements” expansion and the siege of Gaza by Israel should no longer be “tolerated.”

“We call on the security council, namely the permanent members, to live up to their legal responsibility to put this barbaric war to an end and force Israel to come back to genuine negotiations to reach a justice solution (…) through the two-state solution,” he said.

He mentioned that Qatar and other involved sides were working to renew the ceasefire that ended on Dec. 1 after a seven-day break in the conflict.

“We will continue to make efforts with other regional and global players in order to have a permanent ceasefire established and all aggressions against the Palestinian people come to a hold,” Thani said.

Qatar, which does not recognize the State of Israel and hosts a political office of Hamas in Doha, has, alongside Egypt and the United States, played a key mediator role in ceasefire talks between the Islamist group and Israel.

The humanitarian pause facilitated the release of 105 hostages kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza in exchange for 240 Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails, as well as the entry of large-scale humanitarian aid into the besieged Strip.

A new ceasefire will aim to facilitate the delivery of “adequate and sufficient aid” to the Gaza people, Qatari Prime Minister Mohamed bin Abdelrahman said in a press conference at the end of the GCC summit, which also includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the GCC, Yasim Mohamed Al Budaiwi, denounced the ongoing Israeli military operation in Gaza as the “biggest obstacle” to aid delivery to the Gaza Strip. EFE


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