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Queen Tomiris to begin conquest of Europe in Spain

Kulpash Konyrova

Nur-Sultan, Oct 3 (EFE).- The legendary nomadic queen Tomiris, an historical Central Asian figure from the 6th and 5th centuries BC, has conquered the COVID-19 pandemic and will begin her conquest of Europe in the form of a film by Kazakh director Akhan Satayev.

“The first European country that confirmed its interest in showing our film was Spain. And I am confident that our film will also be shown in Latin America,” the director said in an interview with Efe.


The historical drama Tomiris, a Kazakh production that was released at the end of 2019 but only now can be shown to international audiences due to the coronavirus pandemic, tells the story of the queen of the Massagetae, Central Asian tribes that lived in the region that today is in modern Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and southern Kazakhstan.

Tomiris stood out for her victory over the Persian king, Cyrus the Great, who wanted to marry her, but after she refused, he tried to invade her country, an endeavor that cost him his life.

Twenty-five centuries later, the queen has been brought back to life by young Kazakh psychologist Almira Tursyn.

Satayev describes it as “a moving story” about his ancestors, about “the nomadic queen who grew up from a small and fragile girl to become a brave warrior.”

“I am proud that these people lived in an area that Kazakhstan currently occupies. (…) It is a universal story and I trust that the film will be interesting for viewers from different countries around the world,” he said.

“Tomiris” is an epic drama in all senses of the word: an historical production that shows in great detail the life of Kazakh nomads, pitched battles in the middle of the endless Eurasian steppe set to the rhythm of an action movie.


However, this big-budget film (compared to other Kazakh productions), which cost $6.5 million and had a film crew of 200 people and 500 extras, has had to postpone its triumphal march to the West due to the coronavirus.

“The pandemic has affected all areas of life, including hitting the film industry hard. I hope that all restrictions will end soon and that international film will be able to get out of this protracted crisis, because the restrictions force us to look for new opportunities for our ideas,” Satayev said.

in addition to Art Mood for Spain, the rights for the feature film have been bought for the United States, Russia, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Romania and Turkey .


The face of this great project, which won the Grand Prize for New Genre at the Étrange Festival in Paris in September, is Almira Tursyn, 28, who made her debut before the cameras after being chosen from more than 200 candidates to play the remarkable queen.

According to the actor, who runs a psychology help blog, the possibility of playing the role of Tomiris helped her understand what her true aspirations were.

“To clearly understand what you want from yourself and from life, you must faithfully follow your dreams and goals. It is not only about loving your country and people, it is also about being able to love selflessly, think large-scale, be decisive, and never give up, without forgetting your beauty, femininity and wisdom,” she explained.

And according to Tursyn, this is the main message that Tomiris wanted to share with her contemporaries. EFE


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