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Rajoy calls to fight “destructive” drug trade in Iberoamerica

Buenos Aires, September 22 (EFE).- Former Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy (2011-2018), made a remote speech during the Liberty and Democracy Forum in Buenos Aires on Friday, urging the fight against drug trafficking, which he described as the “malevolent and destructive enemy” seeking to “seize” freedoms and democracy in Iberoamerica.

“In these times in which our region is threatened by the dangers of populism, demagogy, corruption, and drug trafficking, we need to stand stronger and more united than ever,” Rajoy stated during the meeting that featured center-right leaders from the region.

The former Spanish prime minister warned that the situation faced by some nations is not a recent development. He added that during these years, drug trafficking has advanced more rapidly than the laws and measures intended to combat it.

He stressed that “drug trafficking must be confronted decisively and without ambiguity because, as repeatedly confirmed by all medical and scientific societies, drugs kill, destroy lives, families, and dreams, cause pain, suffering, and darken the prosperous future of our continent.”

He recalled that drugs and drug trafficking also aim to strip our freedoms and democracy. Some may believe this is a lost battle and are willing to surrender.

“But our group of presidents and former presidents will never surrender to this malevolent and destructive enemy,” added Rajoy, a founding member of the Freedom and Democracy group established last March.

He emphasized that it is now time for “Iberoamerica to regain the path of growth and development and for the winds of freedom and full democracy to blow strongly once again.” EFE


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