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Recording artist LP: Pandemic has made me feel very connected to the world

By David Villafranca

Los Angeles, Dec 2 (EFE).- Empathy, connection, acceptance, the desire to love and be loved. Those themes are at the forefront of American singer-songwriter LP’s latest album, “Churches,” in which she explores the multiple manifestations of love and human relations.

“I think there’s like a renewed appreciation of love, for me, in the pandemic,” 40-year-old Laura Pergolizzi (known professionally as LP) said in a video call with Efe.

An artist with a non-conformist attitude, a provocative yet ironic and amusing look, androgynous image and rich palette of musical styles, LP went from composing songs for pop icons like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera to becoming a star in her own right with the albums “Lost on You” (2016) and “Heart to Mouth” (2018).

Her sixth studio album, “Churches,” which will be released Friday, was heavily inspired by the pandemic and takes listeners on a journey through different musical genres.

LP said that surprisingly she adapted relatively well to her coronavirus-triggered hiatus from life on the road.

She noted that over the course of her career she has learned the art of patience and that the fact she had an album to finish helped keep her focused.

The artist also said that seeing the suffering and fear associated with Covid-19 affected her deeply.

“I felt very inspired, very connected to … the world in a weird way,” she said, noting that she felt “more empathy than ever before” and understood “just how much we need each other.”

LP said the album’s title refers to all of those things either mundane or religious that keep people going: what matters to them, what they love, what connects them to others.

“I think that place should be held sacred, should be unquestioned by others. And to me, that’s the right church for me, one that just welcomes everybody,” she added.

Within that conceptual framework, the tracks on “Churches” range from the hedonist and electronic “Goodbye” and “How Low Can You Go” to the heart-wrenching “When We Touch” and “Angels” to the intimate and personal “Rainbow.”

LP said the stylistic and thematic variety of her new album – and her discography in general – stems from her work as a composer for other artists and the need to quickly adapt to the needs of each new project.

She noted that two other elements of the album are her characteristic optimism, which she said is part of her nature and shines through despite moments of sadness and discouragement, and her emotional transparency as an artist.

“I don’t know how to do it any other way. That’s the authenticity of (my music). I don’t know that I’m being vulnerable,” LP said. “I know that it’s like sensitive and I feel exposed in a regard, but I don’t know how to do it any other way.” EFE


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