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Recycled ‘skulls’ parade Mexican streets for Day of Dead

Puebla, Mexico, Nov 2 (EFE).- A hundred skulls made with recycling materials toured Tuesday through the streets of the Mexican city of Puebla, on the occasion of the Day of the Dead.

To the rhythm of cumbia, ska and mambo, the skulls took to the streets of Puebla with their dances and choreographies amid the audience’s laughter.

Walking, dancing, singing and even whistling, the artists who gave life to skulls and bones, made of paper or cardboard, entertained about 1,000 attendees with their movements.

The variety of colors used by artists assuaged the sadness felt in these days which commemorates those who passed away.

Yellow, orange, green, blue and white, among many others, were the predominant colors and filled the bodies of the skulls with joy.One of them showed that after death there is a new life, that dying can be synonymous with sadness, but also of joy and jubilation.

People of all ages, especially boys and girls, enjoyed the tour and “discovered” that the artists supported the giant skulls on their shoulders.

Some were decorated with flowers, others with corn husks, others wore costumes and others, the simplest, were only painted, but they were all applauded to enliven their journey on a festive night.

From Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, Mexicans await the arrival of the souls of their deceased to spend the night with them in cemeteries or in offerings made at home with the favorite food of those who left.

With the tour, the organization called “Los Tamalistas” celebrated its 15th anniversary with a parade that they described as “different and nourished,” since they gathered more than 100 skulls in different workshops given months before this date. EFE


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