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Red alert in China for torrential rains, high temperatures

Beijing, May 22 (EFE).- Several provinces in China are on the highest red alert of a four-tier color-coded warning system due to extreme weather conditions.

Heavy rainfall and a heat wave will affect several regions of the country between Monday and Tuesday, the National Meteorological Center announced Monday.

A torrential rain warning has been issued for Fujian province in the southeast, Jiangxi in the east and Guangxi in the south.

Rainfall of approximately 60 mm has been recorded in Guangxi.

In the Xiufeng district of the province’s Guilin city, 160 mm of rainfall has been recorded and it is expected to reach 270 mm.

These conditions have led to the cancellation of classes and closure of over 300 schools throughout Guilin.

Some regions will also see short-term heavy precipitation, with more than 60 mm of rainfall per hour in certain locations, accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds.

Meanwhile, a red alert for heatwave has been issued in the southern Yunnan province.

High temperatures have been reported in some parts of Yunnan, with forecasts of more than 40 degrees Celsius in areas such as Banpo and Daheishan, and more than 37 degrees Celsius in and around Qimaba.

The authorities remain alert and recommend that people take precautions. EFE


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