Republican campaign to convince Florida not to vote for Trump again

Miami, US, Aug 31 (efe-epa).- The Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) launched a $10 million media campaign on Monday to encourage more than half a million Florida voters to vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the presidential elections on Nov. 3.

With the “bipartisan” campaign, known as Project Orange Crush, this Political Action Committee (PAC) seeks to prevent President Donald Trump’s re-election in swing states such as Florida, where the Republican beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“Florida is the key to an ultimate Biden victory in the Electoral College,” RVAT said in a memo referring to the 29 electoral votes that the sunshine state has in the presidential elections.

“The margin of victory there in the last two presidential elections, however, has been slim. Both (Barack) Obama and Trump won the last two Florida presidential contests by fewer than 120,000 votes,” it added.

Project Orange Crush will be led by Mike Murphy, who has advised several campaigns, including that of Jeb Bush, whom he helped get elected as Florida’s governor who competed in the 2016 primary for the Republican presidential candidacy.

“If Joe Biden carries Florida, he only needs to pick up one other ‘big five swing’ state to defeat Donald Trump,” RVAT said.

The group emphasized that, unlike those states (Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona), which have a largely white population, the Florida electorate is much more diverse.

“Florida is the biggest electoral prize where Biden has an excellent chance of winning,” according to the PAC.

The RVAT described Florida as “winnable” citing the real clear politics average of public polling that shows that Trump has been ahead of Biden only in two of the last ten months.

According to a survey carried out by RVAT in July, 40 percent of Florida’s undecided Republican voters are considering voting for former vice-president Biden.

Similarly, 60 percent of undecided or leaning women in the state who are Republican or independent are considering voting for the Democrat.

Florida had registered 13.8 million voters, 5.1 million Democrats, 4.9 million Republicans, and 3.6 million independents, until June. EFE-EPA


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