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Restraining order against Ricky Martin lifted; case closed

San Juan, Jul 21 (EFE).- “Truth prevails,” entertainer Ricky Martin said Thursday on Twitter after his nephew retracted allegations of stalking and asked that the restraining order he had secured earlier this month against his famous uncle be allowed to lapse.

The tweet was accompanied by a screen-shot of a statement from the 50-year-old singer and actor’s legal team.

“Just as we had anticipated, the temporary protection order was not extended by the court. The accuser confirmed to the court that his decision to dismiss the matter was his alone, without any outside influence or pressure,” attorneys Joaquin Monserrate Matienzo, Carmelo Davila and Harry Mansanet said.

Both Martin and his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, took part in Thursday’s court hearing in San Juan via Zoom.

“The request came from the accuser asking to dismiss the case,” Martin’s lawyers said. “This was never anything more than a troubled individual making false allegations with absolutely nothing to substantiate them. We are glad that our client saw justice done and can now move forward with his life and his career.”

Sanchez obtained the restraining order under Puerto Rico’s Law 54, which is supposed to shield the identity of a person seeking help, but the accuser’s name was recently leaked to the media.

In the initial application, Sanchez claimed that he and Martin had a sexual relationship for seven months and that his uncle stalked him after the relationship ended.

Despite the outcome in court, Monserrate Matienzo told Efe that the experience was traumatic for Martin.

“The emotional damage he suffered will take time to heal,” the attorney said of his client. “A man who has an impeccable reputation, who has done charity, was upset, sad and wounded.”

The lawyer went on to decry the “character assassination” inflicted on someone who has done so much to raise Puerto Rico’s profile in the world.

Monserrate Matienzo acknowledged that Sanchez’s decision to withdraw the accusation came as a “surprise,” adding that the only relationship Martin ever had with the young man was that of an uncle to his nephew.

The “Livin’ la Vida Loca” singer has been married since 2017 to Syrian-born artist Jwan Yosef and they have four children. EFE mv-jm/dr

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