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Rijksmuseum displays AI restored version of The Night Watch

Amsterdam, Jun 23 (EFE).- The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam Wednesday presented a digitally reconstructed version of The Night Watch, a masterpiece by Rembrandt that was cut by the Amsterdam city council in 1715 to fit through the door.

The artificial intelligence helped reconstruct the pieces of the artwork, painted in 1642.

The whereabouts of the missing parts remain unknown.

“These pieces we printed out on canvas and we have now added to the painting for a period of three months,” the museum director Taco Dibbits told Efe.

The process was possible thanks to artificial intelligence as well as a copy of the original painting by Gerrit Ludens in the mid-17th century.

“It turned out better than I expected honestly. It is a huge challenge to make such a strong translation,” Robert Erdmann, the museum’s chief scientist told EFE.

 “I am especially happy that it gives us a different view of what the original painting would have looked like,” he added.

After two years of research, the results are expected to be ready by September, when the Rijksmuseum hopes to begin the restoration of the original painting. EFE


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