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Rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon amid Gaza violence

(Update 1: releads with rockets launched from Lebanon and adds remarks by Netanyahu and Biden)

Jerusalem/Beirut, May 19 (EFE).- Four missiles were launched from Lebanon toward northern Israel on Wednesday in what was the third incident of its kind tensions soared in the region amid renewed conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

One projectile fired across the border was intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system, while the rest fell onto deserted areas, the Israeli army reported.

In retaliation, the Israeli military said that “artillery forces are striking a number of targets in Lebanon.”

The Israeli action targeted “the same place (in southern Lebanon) from where the projectiles had been fired,” a Lebanese military source told Efe on condition of anonymity.

The rockets fired from Lebanon triggered sirens in the Israeli region of Galilee, among other points, and in the cities of Haifa or Acre, two of the main urban centers in the north of the country.

Israel and Lebanon have waged several wars in the past and have no official diplomatic relations.

The incident comes amid a mounting tension in the region between Gaza’s militias and Israel as a conflict raged for a 10th day.

Israel’s caretaker prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said there was no time limit for the ongoing Gaza military operation after reports of a possible ceasefire — with Egyptian meditation — circulating.

“We aren’t standing with a stopwatch. We are concerned with the objectives of the operation,” Netanyahu said, adding that Israel had made efforts to prevent a wave of violence, referring to the police’s decision to ease tensions with Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the postponement of a court ruling on possible eviction of Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarah neighborhood.

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