Roundup: EMA approves Pfizer jab for children aged 5-11

Madrid Desk, Nov 25 (EFE).- The European Medicines Agency on Thursday approved the use of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine in children aged 5-11.

The vaccination, which contains a lower dose than the one used on 12 year olds, will consist of two jabs administered three weeks apart.

“The benefits of Comirnaty in children aged 5 to 11 outweigh the risks, particularly in those with conditions that increase the risk of severe Covid-19,” the health authority said in a statement.

The most widespread side effects to the vaccine include muscle pain, lethargy, headaches, shivers and pain around the injected area.

As soaring infection rates sweep across the continent, the EMA urged European citizens who have not yet received a Covid vaccine to do so now.


The German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine said it backed mandatory vaccinations for all adults in a statement published Thursday.

“It’s about protecting our patients, saving lives, and preserving our healthcare system from collapse,” Gernort Max said.

According to the DIVI, the only way Germany could overcome the pandemic is through mandating vaccinations.

“We had expected a greater willingness to get vaccinated from the population,” he lamented, adding that “hospital employees in all sectors and in particular those in intensive care and emergency units need a perspective.”

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