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Russia loses more than 1,100 men in new day of large attacks in east

Kyiv, Nov 17 (EFE).- Russia’s army lost 1,140 men on the entire front in the last 24 hours, in a new day of massive attacks along the eastern front, according to information made public today by the Kiev General Staff.

Russian material losses during the past day include 27 tanks, 29 artillery systems and 17 military vehicles and fuel tanks, according to the latest daily balance of the Ukrainian General Staff.

According to this same source, on Thursday they launched dozens of attacks in the areas of Kupiansk, Marinka, Bakhmut and Avdivka, all of them on the eastern front, without achieving significant results.

The Center for Defense Strategies, a Kyiv think tank that follows the war, said in its bulletin Friday of modest Russian advances near Kupiansk, Bakhmut and Avdivka. In this last area there would also have been successful counterattacks by Ukraine.

According to the Kyiv Air Force, Russia launched 10 Shahed kamikaze drones against Ukrainian territory Thursday night. Nine of them were shot down by Ukrainian air defenses before they reached their targets in the Mikolayiv and Odessa and Zhitomir and Khmelnytsky regions.

In recent hours, Russia also launched an S-300 missile against the part under Ukrainian control in the Donetsk region, according to the Ukrainian Air Force, which says the missile caused no damage. EFE


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