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Russia sets aside age limit to join military amid Ukraine war

Moscow, May 25 (EFE).- The Russian parliament Wednesday approved a law to remove the upper age for contractual services in the military, coinciding with the war in Ukraine.

Earlier, Russians aged between 18 and 40 and foreigners from 18 to 30 could enlist as professional soldiers in the Russian Army.

The new law, approved by the lower house State Duma and subsequently by the Senate, completely scarps that age limit.

A note accompanying the bill said the objective was to let everyone in the working-age group sign their first professional contract with the armed forces.

Pro-government lawmakers said highly professional specialists, whose age is usually around 40-45 years, were needed to use high-precision weapons and operate weapons and military equipment.

The lawmakers said the legislation would make it easier for civilian doctors, engineers, and communications specialists to join the military.

They said civilian specialists were interested in working in Ukraine but could not be called in for services because the law did not allow it.

Western intelligence reports have speculated that Russia could have lost more than 15,000 soldiers since the invasion of Ukraine began on Febr.24.

The Soviet Army lost the same number of soldiers in the War in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989.


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