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Russian airstrikes pound Ukrainian capital for the 6th day

Kyiv, June 2 (EFE).- Russian forces pounded the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv with airstrikes for the sixth day in a row on Friday, using missiles and drones.

The Kyiv military administration and civil authorities said the attacks continued throughout the night, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.

“The terror with air attacks continues. Desperate terrorists attack the capital almost nonstop,” head of the military administration Serhii Popko said in a Telegram update.

Popko said it was the sixth nightlong aerial attack on Kyiv in six days.

“And every time, the enemy changed weapons,” said Popko.

In the latest operation, the Russian forces used drones and cruise missiles to hit the capital region.

“Tu-95MS strategic bombers likely fired Kh-101/155 cruise missiles from the area of the Caspian Sea. At the same time, drones, likely Shahed loitering munitions, attacked Kyiv from different directions,” said the military head.

Popko claimed that Ukrainian air defenses “detected and destroyed” over 30 air targets of various types in the airspace over and around Kyiv.

The Ukrainian General Staff reported that the air defenses shot down 15 cruise missiles and 18 Shahed drones last night.

However, the military headquarters did not specify the place where they shot down Russian missiles and drones.

Russia has increased the intensity and frequency of its drone and missile strikes against the Ukrainian capital since late April.

Although the Western defensive systems deployed in Kyiv have shot down almost all the projectiles launched at the capital, several people have died due to falling debris after the interceptions.

Three people, including a nine-year-old girl, were killed after an overnight Russian barrage of missiles.

The Ukrainian capital has been attacked by Russian kamikaze drones and missiles as many as 18 times in May.

The Ukrainian government has said the Russians are stepping up the attacks to demoralize Ukrainians and exhaust their land-based air defenses. EFE


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