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Russian attacks intensify as Ukraine prepares counteroffensive

Moscow/Lviv, Jul 26 (EFE).- Russia continued its offensive in eastern and southern Ukraine as Kyiv was preparing a counteroffensive to regain control over territories captured by Moscow.

“Russian forces continued to fortify their positions in Zaporizhia and Kherson Oblasts in preparations for Ukrainian counter offensives,” the Institute for the Study of War, a United States-based think tank, said in its latest report.

Russian forces also continued to launch missiles and artillery strikes against the southern region of Kherson, where a large number of Russian troops and equipment, including anti-aircraft defense systems, have been advancing for the last three days, Ukrainian presidential advisor Oleksy Arestovich said.

In the southern city of Mykolaiv, Russian forces reportedly fired six missiles while the central Dnipropetrovsk has also been targeted by Russian strikes.

Russian troops were also preparing an offensive on the cities of Siversk and Soledar in the eastern Donetsk region, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

Meanwhile, the Odesa and Mykolaiv ports remain a target for Russia despite Moscow and Kyiv signing a landmark UN-backed deal to reopen Ukrainian Black Sea ports to resume grain exports.

Ukraine said Russia launched at least 18 missiles on the coastal cities Tuesday, with Russia insisting it is only targeting military infrastructure. The attacks come a day after Kyiv announced it would resume grain exports this week. EFE


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