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Russian soldier dies in Ukraine every 5 minutes: Ukrainian military

Kyiv, June 8 (EFE).- Since the Russian invasion began on Feb. 24, “every five minutes a Russian soldier dies in Ukraine,” said Serhiy Bratchuk, spokesman for the regional military administration of the Odessa region, in the Black Sea.

Bratchuk made this statement Wednesday after saying Ukrainian forces had attacked Russian positions in the south of the country at least four times in the last 24 hours, in an area partially controlled by soldiers sent by Moscow, local agencies report.

The military official said “several units of Russian military equipment and ammunition depots were destroyed,” although he said the total number of dead Russian soldiers could not be verified.

He added that anti-aircraft sirens sounded overnight in the city of Odessa, although no attacks were reported.

According to Ukrainian authorities, the Russian Army is grouping its ships in the Black Sea, to establish control over the fleet deployed in the northwestern area.

“In this context, the proposals of our allies and partners to strengthen Ukraine’s coastal defense with anti-ship missiles and different types of weapons look very optimistic,” Bratchuk said, referring to the arms and logistics aid the country is receiving from abroad.

Russia has sporadically launched attacks against the city of Odessa, although the targets have been, above all, infrastructure, such as bridges and roads.

Odesa, an important port located in the Ukrainian southeast, is close to the borders with Moldova and Romania. EFE


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