Russia’s Wagner Group joins forces with Belarus in military alliance

Moscow, July 15 (EFE).- Belarus’ defense ministry has unveiled a plan for military collaboration with the Wagner Group, a Russian private army, following their failed mutiny against Russian military leadership last month.

According to a statement from the defense ministry in Minsk, the Wagner Group has already begun training Belarusian soldiers.

“The military and leadership of Wagner have developed a short-term roadmap for preparation and exchange of experience among various military units,” the ministry said.

Training of Belarusian troops by Wagner mercenaries has already begun at a camp near Osipovichi, 230 km from the Ukrainian border.

“Territorial defense training is underway near Osipovichi,” the ministry said.

It added that Belarusian troops were receiving instruction in various military disciplines from instructors affiliated with the Wagner private military company.

Belarusian Gayun, which regularly updates on military movements along the border, reported that a significant convoy of vehicles bearing license plates from the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk entered Belarusian territory from Russia on Saturday.

“The combination of factors suggests that it is a Wagner convoy,” the monitoring project said.

The convoy, consisting of approximately 60 vehicles, was heading towards Osipovichi.

This week, the Belarusian defense ministry announced its intention to leverage the presence of Wagner in the country and facilitate an “exchange of experiences” between the regular Belarusian army and the Russian paramilitaries.

Just last week, Belarusian authorities said the Wagner mercenaries, who were expected to arrive in the country following the failed uprising on June 24, had not yet reached the base offered by Minsk.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko previously described the Wagner Group as the “most experienced combat unit” capable of defending Belarus in the event of an attack. EFE


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