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Scaloni: “If I looked at France’s statistics, we wouldn’t have played, we’d have left”

Palma, Spain, May 10 (EFE) – Argentina’s national soccer team head coach, Lionel Scaloni, says “statistics are an important part” of his job, but they must be understood and given proper weight. “If I looked at France’s statistics, we wouldn’t have played the match, we’d have left,” he joked about the latest World Cup final.

Argentina faced France in the 2022 Qatar World Cup final – with Argentina winning in a penalty shootout. “The physical difference was abysmal” between the two teams, but “I couldn’t go to the players and tell them that this one runs so much, has so much strength.”

Scaloni said that he is not “a big fan of statistics” and prefers to be guided by his own instincts and conversations with his players.

The coach, whose greatest successes as a soccer player came during his time at Deportivo de La Coruña, participated in the CON-X 23 conference on Wednesday, organized in Palma (Mallorca, Spain) by TravelgateX to discuss technology and tourism trends in the coming years.

At the forum, he gave a presentation on managing success, stating that it’s important to “maintain balance and know that things can change,” and cited Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, as an example, admiring his capacity for learning despite being a seasoned professional.

“In my case, I still live the same life I did before, my job is to be a coach and it’s true that I am for one of the most important national teams in the world, but I have my feet on the ground. You need to maintain balance and know that things can change,” he said during his speech.

Regarding his relationship with players, he said that everyone must continue to work to be called up to play because “if others are better, we will have no problem in changing” especially in light of the arrival of “a generation of young players eager for minutes.”

“Having played soccer helps me understand each player, it’s important that everyone knows that you can’t win alone, and even less so now, today it’s impossible for that to happen. Everyone must contribute to the group, Leo (Messi) first and foremost, and his teammates need to make the teamwork,” he said.

On Messi, whom he considers “the best player in history,” he noted that he is “very approachable and sincere” and that when he understands that you want to help him win, the relationship “becomes easier.”

Lastly, during the Q&A session, Scaloni confirmed that Deportivo will “definitely” return to the elite of Spanish soccer one day and sent a message of support to a club he considers his home: “We are in a difficult situation and I take this opportunity to tell people to support the team that is always with them.” EFE


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