Scholz meets Modi in New Delhi to deepen ties

New Delhi, Feb 25 (EFE).- German chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in India on Saturday where he met with his counterpart prime minister Narendra Modi to deepen ties and trade between both nations.

“Cooperation between both countries is of great importance, there is a host of areas in which we can further deepen and enhance our cooperation. First and foremost economic cooperation between the various countries,” Scholz said at an event in the capital New Delhi.

The chancellor noted that some 1,800 German companies operate in India and have created tens of thousands of jobs.

“Our intention is to put this on a steady footing and expand that corporation,” Scholz said.

The leaders discussed collaboration in digital technologies, with Germany saying it was keen on “attracting and recruiting talent” from India, as well as working together in the transition to renewable energies.

Modi said that “apart from being our largest trading partner in Europe, Germany is also an important source of investment in India.”

“The strong ties between India and Germany are based on shared democratic values of each other’s interests,” Modi added.

The Indian premier said that both India and Germany were working together to collaborate on green and sustainable partnerships and climate action.

The leaders also discussed a free trade agreement between India and the European Union after negotiations began in 2007 but froze in 2013.

The treaty was relaunched in 2021 during a summit held in the Portuguese city of Porto.

“We want to further deepen trade relations between the European Union and India and this is why both of us speak out strongly for negotiations about a free trade agreement and investment protection agreement to be speedily concluded, I personally will make sure that this does not drag on,” Scholz added.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was also high on the agenda at the bilateral talks, as finance leaders failed to reach a consensus on the ongoing conflict at the G20 summit in the southern city of Bangalore of G20 finance chiefs.

Scholz noted that he hoped India would “do whatever is necessary” to push through with a clear condemnation of the war, while Modi highlighted India’s emphasis “on resolving this dispute through dialogue and diplomacy.” EFE


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